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Our Values

Embracing the voice of people with mental health issues and addictions. Focusing on the mental health needs of all age groups

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a society where mental health is prioritized and free of stigma and prejudice

Our Mission

Mind Organization promote awareness of anxiety disorders and increase access to proven resources

About Our Charity

According to the estimates by World Health Organization, there are over 14 millions people in Pakistan suffering from mild to severe mental disorders. Since most of our population dwells in rural areas, where psychiatric facilities are almost non-existent, this major segment is deprived of any form of modern psychiatric care. The only hope then, for the unfortunate mentally ill people concentrated in rural areas is to turn towards quacks or pseudo-religious experts who try to treat the patient by employing harsh and painful methods like blood letting, chaining and body scalding etc.

Recent Projects

Mind is a welfare organization currently providing its services in the following tribal areas of Pakistan for the MENTAL ILLNESS !

Charity sees the need, not the cause

Removing barriers to access for people with mental health and substance-use related disabilities

Executive Body

The members of Executive Body consist of dedicated and prominent people from all walks of life. The meetings are held once every four months in which important decisions are made and future plans are discussed.

Mr. Masood Ahmed

Senior Vice President

Dr. Iram Zahra Bokharey

Vice President

Dr. Nabeel Ibad

General Secretary

Dr. Bushra Mubarika

Joint Secretary

Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba

Press Secretary

Dr. Shahida Tanvir

Management Member 1

Dr. Ayesha Naveed

Management Member 2

Donor Says

Mind Organization is a non-profit charity organization in Pakistan that is providing mental health care treatment to mentally disorder persons.