Healing Minds, Changing Lives


Mind Organisation is a non-profit organisation, that was established with the aim of promoting services for patients suffering from mental health problems with a special emphasis on rural communities of Pakistan.

Its work is administered through an executive Board of Governors and an Inner working group comprising of volunteers, mostly professionals, from different walks of life.


Nestled 300 kms away from Lahore, the town of Burewala hides a heart-wrenching tale within the walls of the town’s shrine of Haji Sher—a place of desperation for psychiatric patients bound in chains like forgotten souls. Witnessing their plight, Mr. Mehmood Ahmad Khan sought help from Dr. Sa’ad Malik. Touched by the sorrowful scene, a group formed MIND in 1991, a charity aiming to alleviate mental distress.

Moved by the suffering at Haji Sher, MIND swiftly established a clinic, offering free psychiatric care. Today, MIND stands as one of Pakistan’s largest mental health organizations, a beacon of hope for those once bound by chains, now liberated through compassion and care.


Our vision at MIND Organization is to empower individuals across our nation, with a special emphasis on those less fortunate, fostering an environment where mental well-being is paramount and devoid of stigma or prejudice. 

Our mission is dedicated to advancing mental health services in Pakistan, making accessible treatment a reality. Through regular workshops and seminars, we strive to raise awareness about prevalent mental health issues, contributing to the creation of a society that values and supports the mental well-being of all its members.