In the heart-wrenching realm of Burewala, Haji Sher stands as a testament to the paradoxical existence of its inhabitants. Animals roam freely, blissfully unaware, while humans, shackled like forlorn ghosts, find solace only in the shade of indifferent trees. Within this confined space, their homes, mere shells of existence, cradle the agony of sparsely furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, and a solitary dining area.In this desolate landscape, the air is thick with despair as these human semblances endure nature’s relentless onslaught — monsoon rains, scorching summer heat, and the biting cold of winter. The suffering extends for months, and sometimes, cruelly, for years. Pneumonia in winter and heat exhaustion in summer bring an agonizing end to some, but for others, the ordeal persists, a relentless march through time.

Then, a flicker of humanity emerges in the form of MIND. In 1991, Dr. Sa’ad Malik, moved by tragic tales, takes a courageous step into this abyss. A small clinic, a haven amidst despair, is established near the shrine. Here, a doctor and a compassionate social worker become beacons of light. The initial days are fraught with misunderstanding as shrine caretakers mistake MIND’s intentions, threatening and discouraging those who seek help. But as time weaves its intricate tapestry, the true essence of MIND unfolds. A voluntary spirit, born from empathy, begins to break through the barriers of skepticism. Families, once hesitant, now embrace the clinic alongside the shrine’s blessings. The clinic now transformed into Sheikh Din Muhammad Trust Hospital, narrates a tale of triumph over darkness.

Yet, the drama persists. The families, once reluctant, now walk the delicate tightrope between tradition and modernity. The clinic’s success story, written in the footsteps of countless recoveries, whispers a promise of hope in the 21st century’s unforgiving reality. MIND’s intervention becomes a poignant saga, etched in the tears and resilience of those who dared to defy the shadows.


2021 - 2022 2020 - 2021 2019 - 2020


Administrator: Dr Muhammad Akram

Incharge: Dr Rida Aslam

Medical Officer: Dr. Usman Akram, Dr.Atiya Khan

Receptionist: Mr.Hamza Rafiq

Dispenser: Mr.Arshad Awais

Pharmacists: Mr.Sajjad Mukhtar

Visiting Doctor: Dr Nabeel Ibad, Dr Adeel Zafer